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Why are your open hours split?

We get this question very often here at Country Lane Kennel.  We try to make your dogs stay seem like they're at home as much as possible. Normally you wake up, take your dog outside, feed/water him, and then you have to get ready for work. While your at work is their QUIET time. We try to mimic their normal routine as much as possible. We can accommodate an after hours pick up or drop off by appointment only for a $20.00 - $50.00 fee. 


Do I need Reservations?

Yes! We book up early for all holidays and weekends so we always recommend that you call as soon as you know your travel plans.


Can I Board my dogs together?

You sure can!  We do our best to accommodate this request taking into consideration the number, size, age, and health of your dogs.  Also as an added bonus you receive 10% off the 2nd dog in the room.


Does my dog(s) need vaccines?

Yes! We require ALL DOG(S) to be current on Rabies, Bordetella (kennel cough), and DHPP.  If you let your vet know you're boarding your pet they can help you be sure they have everything that's required.


Will my Dog(s) be cared for on Holidays when you are closed?

Absolutely!  Although we may not have office hours for pick up/ drop offs on holidays, rest assured the staff will be here 365 days a year to care for your furry friends!

Please note the office is closed for the following Holidays: New Years Day, Easter, Thanksgiving & Christmas.

We are also closed the Sunday before Memorial Day & the Sunday before Labor Day. Memorial Day & Labor Day we are only open in the afternoon - 4:30pm-6:30pm. 

The day before Thanksgiving, Christmas Eve & New Years eve we are only open for the morning shift unless it falls on a Sunday and then we are closed all day. 

Will my dog(s) be safe?

Absolutely!  We have a 24 hour Fire, security & temperature monitoring for your peace of mind.


Can I bring anything for my dogs?

Sure can!! You can bring a couple toys( due to space, we ask that you limit them to 1-2 items), a blanket or bedding, sometimes a shirt or something that smells like you. Oh.... and treats of course!


What about food?

You can use our dry food at no additional cost (wet food $3-$5 per day) and we have a large variety of healthy treats. However we do "recommend" you bring the food your dog is used to at home. Many times switching their food for a day or for weeks can cause some tummy issues and sometimes they may not eat at all for a few days if its different food than they are used to at home. 

Are you able to give my dog(s) medication? 

Yes, we do charge $1.00 a day for oral medications and $2 a day for injections & ear or eye drops. 

Family owned & operated since 2007.

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